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Con Edison Offering Smart Technology for Packaged AC/Heating Units

Con Edison customers who buy packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs) can get a free upgrade that will help them manage their usage and save on their energy bills.

The upgrade lets a customer set the temperature in their home from any computer or smartphone. That means a customer can make the temperature comfortable before getting home from work or another activity.

Customers can also use the technology to pre-set the temperature in their homes on a repeating schedule. A customer with a pet could pre-set the temperature at one level during the day when no people are home and at another temperature at night.

Con Edison is making the offer to a limited number of customers who buy IslandAire PTACs to get a pre-installed SkyCentrics communications module and app.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners are self-contained units often found in hotel rooms, hospitals, apartment and condominiums. The units provide both heating and cooling, meaning a residential customer who enrolls in the Con Edison program can save energy all 12 months of the year.

The program is part of Con Edison’s strategy for maintaining reliable service on hot days when the demand for power is high. Under the company’s Connected Devices program, Con Edison can adjust the customer’s thermostat in order to reduce electrical demand. The customer is notified by email, text, or their mobile app, and can override the company’s adjustment.

A Con Edison customer interested in buying a unit with the port and enrolling in the Con Edison program should call 415-962-1510 or send an e-mail to, or talk to an IslandAire Sales Representative at (800) 886-2759, or

Con Edison is partnering with SkyCentrics and IslandAire to place the CTA-2045 standard in new PTACs. The CTA-2045 standard created by the Consumer Technology Association and other industry stakeholders to give customers and the utility a standard means of communications for appliances.

Con Edison is a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc. [NYSE: ED], a largest investor-owned energy companies, with approximately $12 billion in annual revenues and $49 billion in assets. The utility delivers electricity, natural gas and steam to 3.4 million customers in New York City and Westchester County, N.Y.

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