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NYCHA & Con Edison Partner To Upgrade Harlem Developments With Cost-Saving, Energy Efficiencies

$633,534 in Incentives to Support Boiler & System Upgrades at 131 Saint Nicholas Avenue, Washington and Lexington Houses  -- The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) received $633,534 in incentives from Con Edison towards over $10 million in investments for energy efficiency upgrades at NYCHA developments in Harlem, including 131 Saint Nicholas Avenue, Washington Houses and Lexington Houses. NYCHA received the incentives from Con Edison after replacing aging oil boiler equipment with 11 new, high-efficiency natural gas boilers and the installation of apartment temperature sensors. Upgraded boilers and new temperature sensors will enable NYCHA to improve the comfort level of residents, reduce utility costs, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize maintenance repairs.  

“We are  grateful for the leadership of partners like Con Edison, who are helping  deliver cost-saving improvements to our heating and energy systems,” said  NYCHA’s Acting Director of Energy Finance and Sustainability Management Chris  Haun. “Through our collaboration, Con Edison is helping NYCHA improve the  quality of life for our residents and become the more energy efficient, modern  landlords our residents deserve.

”Incentives  were available to NYCHA through Con Edison’s multifamily energy efficiency  program, which provides housing authorities, such as NYCHA, with rebates on up  to100 percent of the cost for high-efficiency gas heating equipment such as  boilers and furnaces, building weatherization and other technologies designed  to improve energy efficiency cost-savings. “Con Edison and  NYCHA have an energy efficiency relationship that goes back several years. In  2013, NYCHA earned our multifamily program’s Public Partner of the Year award  for coordinating the installation of efficient light bulbs and low-flow water  devices in nearly 4,000 apartments,” said Rebecca Craft, director of Energy  Efficiency and Demand Management at Con Edison. “We commend NYCHA chief executive Shola Olatoye and her team for  continuing that commitment through the work on energy management systems that  NYCHA is completing in Harlem.  These systems will place NYCHA at the  forefront of energy management in the public housing sector and serve as a  benchmark for cities around the country.”  Last week,  NYCHA released NextGeneration (NextGen) NYCHA – a 10 year strategic plan to  stabilize the financial crisis facing New York City’s public housing by  changing the way it is funded, managed, and serves its residents. In the last  12 years, the utility costs for NYCHA properties have more than doubled, from  $268 million in 2002 to $577 million in 2014. Under NextGen, NYCHA will address rising utility costs by implementing energy  efficiency improvements that will reduce energy consumption. Today’s  energy efficiency announcement with Con Edison follows the April announcement  by Mayor de Blasio and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Castro that  NYCHA will develop a series of Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) that will  support least $100 million in capital investments across NYCHA developments, including the replacement of inefficient heating plants, and the installation  of new lighting technologies and other energy conservation measures.

Con  Edison’s rebate check for $633,534 for energy upgrade work recently completed  at 131 Saint Nicholas Avenue, Washington Houses and Lexington Houses: 

  • 131  Saint Nicholas Avenue

Converting the oil boiler to a natural  gas system
2 efficient steam boiler installations
1 building installed with an Energy  Management System to monitor and regulate apartment temperatures

Lexington  Houses
Converting the oil boiler to a natural  gas system 3 efficient steam boiler installations 4 buildings installed with an Energy  Management System to monitor and regulate apartment temperatures

  • Washington  Houses Converting the oil boiler to a natural  gas system 6 efficient steam boiler installation 14 buildings installed with an Energy  Management System to monitor and regulate apartment temperatures

In the  past 2 years Con Edison has provided NYCHA $133,228 for energy efficiency  projects in other developments. Later this summer, NYCHA expects to receive  additional rebates from Con Edison for installing apartment temperature sensors  and new energy efficient natural gas fired steam boilers for the NYCHA  developments of Highbridge Gardens, Edenwald and West Side Urban Renewal  (Brownstones.)Con Edison has an energy efficiency program for almost  everyone. For information, visit, or call the Con Edison Green Team at 1-877-870-6118.

About NYCHA:

The New York City  Housing Authority’s (NYCHA) mission is to increase opportunities for low- and  moderate-income New Yorkers by providing safe, affordable housing and  facilitating access to social and community services. To that end, NYCHA  administers a Conventional Public Housing Program as well as a citywide Section  8 Leased Housing Program in rental apartments. NYCHA also works with numerous  partners to connect our residents to a multitude of community, educational and  recreational programs, as well as job readiness and training initiatives.To fulfill our mission, NYCHA must preserve an aging  housing stock through timely maintenance and modernization of developments. For  more information, visit