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Smart Usage Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

A Smart Usage Partner, formerly known as an “aggregator,” is an independently owned and operated third-party company that runs this program on Con Edison’s behalf by enrolling, compensating, and educating participants on how they can use less energy.

To find the partner that best fits your needs, please use the Smart Usage Partner form. You can reach out to Smart Usage Partners individually or share your contact information with multiple partners at once notifying them of your interest.

You can register with just one Smart Usage Partner per summer season, from May 1 to September 30.

The only requirements to participate are a Con Edison electric account and a smart meter, which is free of charge and installed by Con Edison. If you do not have a smart meter installed, you can reach out to customer service to request one.

After submitting your contact information using the Smart Usage Partner form, simply monitor your inbox for emails from the Smart Usage Partners you selected. After you’ve had a chance to review their offerings, you’ll confirm your interest in enrolling with the partner that best fits your needs.

Your Smart Usage Partner will submit the program enrollment information to Con Edison on your behalf prior to the start of the summer.

Con Edison uses data from your smart meter to calculate your energy reduction during events. Only a summary of the energy you reduced during events is shared with your Smart Usage Partner. Your data is kept private and secure. Partners are prohibited from sharing or selling customer data.

No. Participation is risk-free. There are no penalties or fees.

You may opt out of individual events at any time, however, you’ll remain enrolled in the program for the entire summer. If you don’t lower your building’s energy use during an event or opt out, you’ll only miss out on potential rewards.

Rewards vary by Smart Usage Partner. You’ll receive monthly or yearly rewards depending on the agreement you sign with your Smart Usage Partner.

If you move your business within Con Edison’s service area, you’ll still be eligible to receive Smart Usage Rewards. Notify your Smart Usage Partner and they will update your enrollment through Con Edison.

If you move operations out of Con Edison’s service territory, you’ll no longer be eligible to participate in the program because your Smart Usage Partner requires access to your Con Edison account and smart meter.