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Ahorros para inmuebles multifamiliares a precio de mercado

Al reemplazar su equipo obsoleto por alternativas eficientes y ecológicas, puede atraer inquilinos preocupados por el medio ambiente y, además, se asegura de que su edificio cumpla con las leyes locales.

Save on efficient equipment for your 5+ unit multifamily building, including boilers, common area lighting, insulation, and energy management systems. Plus, get free LEDs and low-flow devices for eligible building residents. See all incentives available.

These upgrades use less energy, which in effect, reduces costs, protects the environment, and lessens the strain on the energy grid. Plus, you’ll ensure your building stays up to code with local laws.

How Upgrades Benefit Your Building

Un edificio de departamentos multifamiliares que ilustra varios componentes de calefacción y refrigeración.

How to Apply

  1. Submit an interest form to be contacted by our authorized contractor, Willdan Energy Solutions. Willdan will provide you with information about incentives you qualify for and how you can apply for them.
  2. Complete the Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program Application (PDF) and include any required paperwork. You can either email us your application package or fax it to 1-212-785-2343.
  3. Review and choose from the list of participating contractors who are eligible to install your upgrades. Find a participating contractor.


Multifamily Building Energy Efficiency Program Manual (PDF)
Multifamily Building Energy Efficiency Program Incentives (PDF)

Success Stories

Get inspired to make energy saving upgrades by New Yorkers whose multi-family buildings have already benefited.

Applying for incentives allowed Lincoln Towers to save $173,600 when switching their elevators from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

Parkchester Condos received a $14 rebate for each foot of pipe covered in insulation and reduced their overall energy cost.