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Idlewild Project

About the Project

This $1.2 billion investment will modernize the electric grid in Southeast Queens by creating two new substations and a new Springfield electric network to meet the growth in demand in the area —while enabling the provision of clean energy to homes, businesses, and major transportation hubs.

Project benefits include :

  • A new transmission substation called Eastern Queens, which will supply a new Idlewild distribution area substation. Both substations will be indoors and storm-hardened.
  • Increased reliability for Queens customers for decades to come by enhancing service in the new Springfield network and the updated Jamaica network. This will allow the Jamaica network to handle increased demand and pave the way for customers to use cleaner energy to charge electric vehicles and electrify heating and other equipment.
  • A foundation for continued electrification and redevelopment at downtown Jamaica, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s bus fleet, leading to cleaner air for local residents.
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Live Near a Project Site? Here’s What You Can Expect

The project will start Summer 2024 and run through Summer 2028.

During this time, you may experience:

  • Construction noise from jackhammering, digging, installing manholes, and repaving the streets
  • Temporary relocation of bike and bus lanes, as well as traffic detours
  • Temporary loss of parking spots

We’ll work as safely and efficiently as possible to minimize disruptions. Look for a flyer in your mailbox to learn how construction may affect you or your business. You may also receive emails and/or texts, based on your notification preferences.

When completed the new structures will blend in with the architectural character of the neighborhood. Also, because the new substations are being constructed outside of the 100-year floodplain, we do not anticipate impact to the local drainage system.

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Our Vision for a Clean Energy Future

As a partner in meeting New York’s ambitious climate goal of a zero-emission energy grid by 2040, we continue to think boldly about ways to strengthen and expand our energy system to accommodate new sources of renewable energy and meet increased demand.

The Idlewild Project is another step in our strategy to create a clean energy future where every New Yorker can share in the benefits of a reliable, climate-resilient grid. 

Reach out to the team to learn more.

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