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Interactive survey

So that the Steam Operations can serve you better, please fill out this questionnaire. Your responses will help us to understand your energy needs and to make recommendations about steps you can take to use our services reliably and efficiently.


  • Location of property (fill in)

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  • *What are your current energy sources for Heating?

  • *What is your current energy source for air contidioning?

  • How many chillers do you have?

  • *What is the chiller tonnage for each?

  • *Who is your chiller manufacturer?

  • *What is the age of your chillers?

  • *If you have steam chillers, what type of chillers do you have?

  • *What is the square footage of your basement?

  • *What are your ceiling heights?

  • *What is the building size in square feet?

  • *How many floors do you have?

  • *How did you hear about us?

  • *Why are you interested in steam?

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