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Grants and Volunteer Programs

Our partnerships in the communities we serve help to address climate change, build clean energy and tech careers, and champion social justice in our service territories.

As a partner in meeting the state’s ambitious clean energy goals, Con Edison is making more investments to usher in this future equitably and efficiently.

That’s why as part of that commitment, we are re-aligning our charitable grant efforts to invest in nonprofits who share our vision to combat the effects of climate change, advance social justice in the communities we serve, and create green jobs across our service territory.

Con Edison feels an urgency to confront the threat that climate change poses to our communities and help New Yorkers adapt to a changing world. We believe that every New Yorker should be able share in the benefits of a more sustainable grid.

Beginning in January 2024, Con Edison will focus its strategic grantmaking on organizations working in the following areas:

Climate Change & Environmental Stewardship

We are helping more people to benefit from the transition to cleaner, greener sources of energy, reduced pollution, and cleaner air for more climate-resilient communities.

Social Justice

We are investing in community engagement, empowerment and advocacy solutions to break down economic barriers and create pathways to equity and inclusion in communities. We will work in solidarity with leaders and organizations to address injustices, create opportunities, and uplift movement building toward social and systems change.

Clean Energy & Technology Career Readiness

We are equipping people with in-demand skills and competencies to build a clean energy jobs pipeline, and support a green economy and sustainable energy sector.