Smart Home Rate Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Smart Home Rate offers eligible customers a free smart thermostat and smart home software, as well as a new electric rate based on real-time electricity costs.
  • We want to provide customers with a dynamic electric rate that aligns with the real-time cost of delivering electricity. We also provide a new smart thermostat connected to smart home software to help you manage your energy use and costs related to cooling your home. The Smart Home Rate encourages you to use less electricity during certain peak times, like hot summer afternoons, when demand increases dramatically in our region. Reducing your energy use during these peak times makes the grid run more efficiently and reliably, ensuring there will be enough capacity to meet these rare spikes in electricity demand.
  • When you enroll, you’ll receive a free Emerson SensiTM Touch Smart Thermostat ($169 value). The Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat allows you to easily adjust your home’s temperature and set schedules from its touchscreen, remotely through a mobile app, or by connecting to devices like a smart speaker. It also allows you to set up vacation schedules.
  • The smart home software is connected to your smart thermostat and pulls data on your preferences, your home profile, weather forecasts, and real-time energy costs to adjust your cooling schedules in a way that keeps you comfortable while managing your energy costs. While your rate is active year-round, your smart home software operates when you use air conditioning (A/C), managing your thermostat setpoints to help you avoid running your A/C during the most expensive times.
  • Your smart home software will only adjust your thermostat schedule when you’re using A/C. It does not connect to or optimize energy use associated with heating or any other home systems or appliances.
  • The Smart Home Rate will be active year-round and will include three components:*

    • Supply Charge: Based on the total amount of electricity you use, billed at a new, variable price that will change over time as the supply and need for electricity in the region varies.
    • Delivery Charge: Based on your maximum demand for electricity within a 60-minute period. It can be higher if you use many electric appliances and your A/C at the same time.
    • Event Charge: During a peak “event,” you may pay a charge for your maximum electricity demand within any given 60-minute period.
  • On especially hot days from June through September, we will announce events—several-hour periods when we expect higher than average demand for electricity. There will be 10 to 12 events each year. During an event, you may pay an event charge based on your demand for electricity during the event hours. On the day of an event, you will receive a notification by email. Your smart thermostat and smart home software will automatically work together to help you manage energy use and costs related to air conditioning. You can also manage energy costs by reducing electricity use during peak events or by shifting when you use large electric devices to outside peak events.
  • The price for electricity varies throughout each day. Your bill is also impacted by how much electricity you use within any given 60-minute period. When you use A/C, your smart home software knows your real-time costs and automatically adjusts your cooling schedule to help you stay comfortable and control costs. You can save by shifting your electricity use outside of peak events or by staggering use of large electric appliances (like a dishwasher, clothes washer, or pool pump) and electronics like entertainment systems that use a lot of energy, instead of using them all at once.
  • For your first year on the Smart Home Rate, you’ll have a price guarantee. That means if your bill is higher than what it would have been on your current electric rate, we’ll credit you the difference at the end of your first year on the new rate.
  • You can get up to $60 for signing up, participating in the program, and sharing your feedback via online surveys.
  • You can enroll online by visiting and clicking “Enroll.”
  • Con Edison customers who meet certain eligibility requirements can participate in the Smart Home Rate, including having central A/C in your home. If you attempt to enroll online and aren’t eligible, you won’t be able to continue with the online enrollment process. If you have questions about eligibility, you can contact us by phone at 1-888-871-0345 or email us.
  • If you’re eligible and successfully enroll in the program, you’ll be given the option to have your smart thermostat professionally installed or shipped to you so you can install it. Both options are free. If you choose professional installation, an installer will contact you to schedule an appointment and will bring the thermostat with them.
  • We’re happy to help. Contact us by phone at 1-888-871-0345 or email us.

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*A basic service charge plus taxes and surcharges apply.


Enrollment in this program is dependent upon customers meeting certain eligibility, installation, and technical requirements. Customers must have central air conditioning in their home to qualify. The program requirements, offers, and elements are subject to change at any time. The program may be canceled or put on hold at any time, including after participants sign up, are enrolled, or have technology installed.