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In the past, the only way to save was to cut back on your overall energy use—something we know can be difficult. Now with the Smart Energy Plan, we’re giving you more control.

How the Smart Energy Plan is Different

The delivery portion of your bill will now be based on how efficiently you use the grid.

Your new delivery cost will be based on when you choose to use electricity and how much electricity your devices use at the same time. The fewer devices you use at once, the less energy you’ll need to power them.

The difference between our standard delivery rate and the Smart Energy Plan is like the difference between a car’s speedometer and odometer. The speedometer indicates a car’s speed at a specific moment in time, similar to how your delivery will now be measured. The odometer indicates the number of miles a car travels over time, similar to how your delivery is measured on the standard rate.

You’ve Got Two Ways to Save


Stagger the use of your large electric devices instead of using them all at once to keep delivery low.

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