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No. NYPA electric customers are not eligible for Clean Heat Program incentives.
Yes. District steam, fuel oil, natural gas, propane, biomass, and electricity are all acceptable heating fuel types. But must use natural gas as the default heating baseline for the purpose of calculating energy savings.
Yes. Heat pumps that provide space heating only are eligible for clean heat incentives. Heat pumps that provide space cooling only, however, are not eligible for the program.
No. Clean Heat incentives will only be given for the heat pump portion of the project. No other measures outside of the heat pump installation will be incentivized.

All heat pump systems must comply with the following state and local municipal codes:

Minimum Compliance (Eligibility)1

New York City





1 Where the New York Stretch Code has been adopted, this code will be used for minimum compliance (eligibility) determinations.

Yes. Reversible chillers that provide heating and cooling are eligible for commercial and industrial Clean Heat incentives under category 4. Reversible chillers are heat pumps with a chilled water loop that circulates conditioned water throughout a building, in lieu of refrigerant. Refrigerant remains isolated to the unit itself.

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