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Undergrounding Frequently Asked Questions

Las estacas se colocan para marcar el límite entre la línea de su propiedad y el derecho de paso. Estaremos colocando nuestro equipo a lo largo del derecho de paso. Es muy importante que no quite estos marcadores, puesto que son necesarios para colocar nuestro equipo con precisión.
No. There is not cost to underground your service if you are part of one of the undergrounding pilots and opt in prior to the start of construction.
No. The project has no minimum customer participation. All customers will benefit from the undergrounding of our equipment on the roadway, regardless of participation.
No. Signing an agreement does not guarantee your service will be undergrounded. Your service will be evaluated and will be undergrounded based on field conditions. If field conditions prevent your service from being undergrounded, you’ll continue to receive service through overhead power lines, but you will still benefit from increased resiliency as a result of the project.
No, the poles will remain since there are other utilities attached to the poles, such as internet providers, phone providers, and streetlights.
While we cannot currently bring undergrounding to every area based on the selection criteria, we hope to expand the reach of the project in the future.