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Hard to Electrify Buildings RFI Frequently Asked Questions

Con Edison may decide to award additional project funding at our discretion if projects align with business priorities and the company’s Clean Energy Commitment.
Con Edison does not have cost efficacy thresholds. Projects are capped based on total project cost based on eligible equipment, materials, and labor. The incentive cap ranges from 50-75% of total project costs. Exceptions to the project cap threshold may be made for buildings qualifying as providing low-to-moderate income housing. Please see the program eligibility rules for details.

Con Edison’s multifamily program offers higher incentives for LMI customers compared to Market Rate customers. See the program manual for details.

There are no program distinctions or rules related to housing tenure. However, projects that shift energy costs on to tenants are not preferred.

Please submit the project cost and savings for specific sites to the best of your ability.

We are likely to accept substitute projects if they implement similar technologies as the initial proposal and if they can reach a similar level of savings.
For the pricing proposal, cost should be separated by labor, equipment, taxes, incentive contribution, and estimated savings.

Yes. Con Edison is open to combining funding with NYSERDA and other entities. Projects should be transparent about additional funding received. Respondents should also track and report all additional funding.
Con Edison will account for the additional funds when considering total project cost capping. Con Edison will not pay incentives that result in more than 100% of project cost coverage.

We will accept proposals for new or additional funding.

  • Funding above current incentive levels at the time of the projects is subject to our discretion.
Projects must be located in a Con Edison electric service territory and an active Con Edison customer. They do not need to be in a gas service territory.
Multifamily buildings are defined as buildings that have five or more units. Low-rise buildings are 1-3 floors, mid-rise buildings are 4-11 floors, and high-rise buildings are 12+ floors.

We are open to considering alternate technologies if they can meet the intended goals of the initial technologies. For example, a switch to a different manufacturer for providing equipment that could meet similar or better performance than what was initially proposed would be acceptable.

Additionally, you can propose multiple solutions in your initial proposal.

Projects that can demonstrate higher likelihood of installation and customer support will be considered favorably during the project selection process.
Yes. We will accept pricing estimates for a sample building if the site is unavailable. The example should be similar to the type of project you would expect to implement.