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New Incentives for Small Businesses

Learn more about our new incentives for upgrading gas, HVAC, kitchen and refrigeration equipment in your small business.

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Incentive amounts are listed in bold.

Hot Water Upgrades


  • Low Flow Showerhead: 100% of costs
  • Faucet Aerators: 100% of costs
  • Kitchen Spray Valves: 100% of costs

HVAC Upgrades

Unit Replacements

  • Types of Air Conditioner and Heat Pump-Packaged Terminals (PTAC & PTHP) Units
    Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC): $100/ton 
    Packaged Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP): $125/ton
  • Types of Unitary Air Conditioners & Unitary and Applied Unitary Heat Pumps
    Air Cooled Unitary Packaged AC/Split Systems: $250/ton*     
    Air-Source Heat Pump: $400/ton*

*Includes Packaged and Split HVAC System

Component Retrofits

  • Types of Electronically Communicated (EC) Brushless Permeant Magnet (BPM) Motors for HVAC Circulator (Blower)
    Fan (Retrofit)
    EC Motor for HVAC Circulator: 50% of cost; up to $150/unit
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for Fans/Pumps: $75/HP

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

  • Air Conditioner and Heat Pump: 50% of cost; up to $350/unit
  • Duct Sealing & Insulation: 50% of cost; up to $500/unit

Equipment Controls

  • Types of Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV)
    Single Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV): $50 per 1,000 sq. ft.
    Differential Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) Thermostat: $35 per 1,000 sq. ft.

  • Economizer - Air-Side, with Dual Enthalpy: $75/ton

  • Thermostats - Wi-fi (Communicating) $100/unit

Kitchen Upgrades


  • Types of Ovens
    Combination: 10% of cost, up to $2,000/unit
    Convection: 10% of cost, up to $500/unit
    Conveyor: 10% of cost, up to $500/unit 
  • Dishwasher: 10% of cost, up to $1,500/unit
  • Types of Fryers
    Electric Vat Fryer: 10% of cost, up to $750/unit
    Natural Gas Fryer: $750/unit
  • Types of Griddles
    Natural Gas Griddle: $450/unit
    Electric Griddle: $500/unit
  • Hot Food Holding Cabinets: 10% of cost, up to $1000/unit
  • Steam Cooker: 10% of cost, up to $2000/unit

Refrigeration Upgrades

Equipment Replacements

  • Air Cooled Refrigeration Condenser Replacement: $25/ton
  • Ice Machine: 15% of cost, up to $1000
  • Types of Refrigerator Replacements:     
    Refrigerator Solid Door: 15% of cost, up to $500/unit
    Glass Front Refrigerated Coolers: $15% of cost, up to $750/unit
  • Types of Freezer Upgrades:
    Glass Door, Self-Contained: $15% of cost, up to $1,000/unit
    Solid Door, Self-Contained: $15% of cost, up to $500/unit


  • Types of Vending Machines:
    Non-Refrigerated Vending Machine: $75/unit
    Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machine: $125/unit

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