Manhattan Area Growth Zones



Zone Boundaries and Acknowledgement Letters

View the boundaries, overview, timeline, and acknowledgment letters (PDFs) for each zone below.

Zone I2 (PDF)
North: W. 187th Street
South: Cross Bronx Expressway
East: Broadway
West: Hudson River

Zone G1 (PDF)
North: W. 155th Street
South: W. 127th Street
East: East River
West: St. Nicholas Avenue

Zone E1 (PDF)
North: W. 125th Street/Martin Luther King Blvd.
South: W. 109th Street
East: Morningside Avenue/Manhattan Avenue
West: Hudson River

Zone B1 (PDF)
North: W. 66th Street/W. 64th Street
South: W. 34th Street
East: Columbus Avenue/Ninth Avenue
West: Hudson River

Zone B7 (PDF)
North: E. 65th Street
South: E. 51st Street
East: East River
West: Park Avenue

Zone MA2 (PDF)
North: W. 22nd Street
South: W. 14th Street
East: Broadway/Union Square West
West: Hudson River

Zone AA1 (PDF)
North: W. Houston Street/W. 3rd Street
South: Canal Street
East: Broadway
West: Hudson River/Sixth Avenue

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