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Where to Charge Your Electric Vehicle

Get directions to public charging stations near you.

Where to Charge Your Electric Vehicle in NYC

We’re working with the city of New York to install 100 electric vehicle charging ports across the five boroughs, making it easier for New Yorkers without access to a home charger to charge their electric vehicle at the curb. We see electric vehicles as an important part of our clean energy future. As the number of electric vehicles on the road increases, New Yorkers will get the benefit of reduced toxic tailpipe emissions that contribute to smog and climate change. We’ll have cleaner air and water, and better health. Electric vehicles will help New York City and New York State achieve their environmental goals, which Con Edison supports.

Find a FLO Charging Station

FLO is one of North America’s largest electric vehicle charging networks, with thousands of high-tech, user-friendly stations scattered across the United States and Canada. Download the app for iOS or Android to locate charging stations, pay for sessions, and see your usage data.

Become a member to charge at any station and increase your range by gaining access to FLO’s ever-expanding partner network.

Become a Member of the FLO Network

Looking for public charging stations outside our service area?

View the ChargeHub Map to find charging stations along your route, or download the ChargeHub app for iOS or Android to use on the go.