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Reembolsos para distribuidores de calefacción, ventilación y aire acondicionado

Puede calificar para reembolsos financieros cuando tenga existencias de equipos de alta eficiencia para la venta a contratistas.

If you’re an HVAC distributor, you may qualify for financial rebates when you stock high-efficiency equipment for sale to contractors.

HVAC Equipment Rebates

HVAC Equipment Type and Capacity

2020 HVAC Minimum Efficiency Requirement


Pool Pumps

Private† In-ground pool
Self-priming, Variable Speed Drive
0.75 HP – 3 HP with 2” to 2.5” piping

$327 per ton 
ECM Furnace Fan* Attached to Furnace $100 per unit

ECM Circulator Pumps

SEER ≥ 18, EER ≥ 13,
and HSPF ≥ 9 or SEER ≥ 20,
EER ≥ 13, and HSPF ≥ 9

$50 per unit


HVAC Gas Equipment Rebates

HVAC Equipment Type and Capacity

2020 HVAC Minimum Efficiency Requirement

Furnace 94% AFUE $175 per unit
Hydronic Boiler 90% AFUE $375 per unit
Combi Units Boilers AFUE > 90%
Furnaces AFUE > 92%
$500 per unit 
Steam Boiler AFUE ≥ 82% $75 per unit
TStat Wi-Fi Controls natural gas heating equipment $50 per unit
Indirect Water Heater  Attached to qualifying natural gas boiler $75 per unit
Gas Water Heater - Tank  Must be ENERGY STAR®-certified and capacity
≤ 55 gallons; Uniform Energy Factor (UEF)
≥ 0.64 for medium draw pattern; UEF ≥ 0.68
for high draw pattern
$50 per unit
Water Heater - Tankless Must be ENERGY STAR-certified and capacity
< 2 gallons and > 50,000 Btu/h; UEF ≥ 0.87
for medium draw pattern and high draw pattern
$75 per unit


HVAC Electric and Gas Distributor Responsibilities

  1. Design and implement a program for contractors specifying unique qualifying product models, incentive amount allocation (minimum 50% of rebate to contractor), key contacts, and reporting procedures.
  2. Actively recruit contractors into the program to install eligible measures as a Con Edison participating contractor.
  3. Work with the program administrator to schedule and host program-sponsored sessions.
  4. Implement and execute all action items defined on the electric program guide and application or the gas program guide and application. Any significant modifications to this plan should be submitted to the program administrator in writing.
  5. Claim projects submitted by contractors on Distributor Review reports via Secure File Transfer Portal (SFTP) and match and return projects included on weekly invoices.
  6. Work closely with the contractors to ensure that all program requirements are met.
  7. Assist the Con Edison and ICF team in conducting direct outreach to contractors.
  8. Release at least 50% of each incentive to the contractor.
  9. Provide documentation for how measures with specific rebate pass through percentages are being executed.
  10. Monitor the total incentive requests that have been submitted, processed, and rejected by Con Edison.


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