Brooklyn and Queens Demand Management Program Auctions

Program Overview

At Con Edison, we constantly plan for and maintain our infrastructure so we are able to provide reliable energy to our customers, including during periods of high demand that occur during summer months when temperatures peak and A/Cs across NYC are at full blast.

To help relieve stress on the energy grid during peak periods, we’ve called on commercial, industrial, and residential customers enrolled in our Demand Response programs to cut back on their energy use for a few hours. Collectively, this limited energy use reduction significantly strengthens grid reliability.

With the Brooklyn Queens Demand Management Demand Response Program, we provide an opportunity for resources to participate and earn significant compensation by supplying load relief in qualifying neighborhoods.*

Our goal is to reduce peak load by 52 MW in select areas through a combination of customer-sided solutions (41 MW) and non-traditional, utility sided solutions (11 MW).

Demand Response Auctions

On July 27th and 28th of 2016, Con Edison conducted descending-clock auctions in order to procure demand response resources, including demand response “products” for two four-hour blocks for 2017 and 2018. We expect the two auctions to result in more than 22 MW of demand response resources across the afternoon and evening hours provided by 10 firms by 2018.

Participate in Future Auctions

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Required Materials:

  • BQDM Auction Prequalification Form [link]
  • BQDM Program Agreement Package  [link]
  • BQDM DR Program Rules  [link]
  • BQDM Letter of Credit  [link]
  • BQDM Multiple Facilities Template  [link]

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*The approval request for the use of the Brooklyn Queens Demand Management Demand Response auction in lieu of the Commercial System Relief Program is under Case 16-E-0236.