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La eficiencia energética comienza en casa para los 20 mejores contratistas de Con Edison

Los homenajeados generaron ahorros a sus clientes en 2015: Con Edison homenajeó a 20 empresas de la Ciudad de Nueva York y el Condado de Westchester por ayudar a los clientes a realizar mejoras en sus hogares para ahorrar energía y dinero.

The honorees were chosen for their work during 2015 when Con Edison residential customers made HVAC upgrades that save approximately 3,000 megawatt hours of electricity and 25,000 dekatherms of gas a year.

Con Edison paid out more than 4,300 rebates totaling $2.7 million last year to residential customers who upgraded their heating and cooling systems.

The company regularly reviews its energy efficiency programs to find new opportunities and recently announced a limited-time increased rebate on eligible mini-split heat pumps. Customers can receive a $400 rebate on this zoned ductless heating and cooling system, which can reduce energy costs by up to 30 percent.

In addition, homeowners who install qualifying mini-splits in 2016 may be eligible to receive a [$300 federal tax credit] ( Con Edison has an energy-saving solution for everyone. Find out more at [Link] ( or by calling 1-877-870-6118.

Two of the contractors Con Edison honored won grand prizes. AC & Appliances Center of Queens won for helping customers make upgrades to save electricity, while Yost & Campbell of Mount Vernon won for gas.

The first-through-fifth-place winners (listed in order) for electric were: Dazong HVAC, Brooklyn Electronic Appliances, and New Star Electronics, all of Brooklyn; Bob Mims Heating and Air Conditioning of Staten Island; and Linli HVAC Contractor of Queens.

The first-through-fifth-place prizes for gas went to: Dundee Plumbing & Heating of Queens; Sears (which has multiple locations); Arctic Mechanical of Port Chester; Frank & Lindy Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning of Peekskill; and Ranshaw Fuel Oil, Plumbing & Heating of Queens.

These contractors won the Up and Comer Award for electric: New Pioneer, YW Kitchen Expert, and Windstar AC, all of Brooklyn; and Morpat Climate of Staten Island. Gas winners of the Up and Comer Award were: Keep It Cool and Systematic Control Corp., both of Queens; Carey and Walsh of Briarcliff; and Roy Mechanical of Valhalla.

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Con Edison es una filial de Consolidated Edison, Inc. [NYSE: ED], una de las compañías de suministro de energía propiedad de los inversores más grande la nación, con aproximadamente $13 000 millones de ingresos anuales y $46 000 millones de activos. La empresa de servicios públicos proporciona electricidad, gas y vapor a más de tres millones de clientes de la ciudad de Nueva York y el condado de Westchester, en Nueva York.