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Con Edison prevé que los clientes gastarán menos en las facturas de gas este invierno

Los programas de eficiencia energética pueden ayudar a los clientes a ahorrar aún más -- Con Edison espera que las facturas de gas residenciales tengan una reducción de aproximadamente cuatro por ciento este invierno comparado con el año pasado debido, en parte, a los costos inferiores del gas natural. La empresa incita a los clientes a ahorrar aún más dinero con los programas de eficiencia energética de la compañía.

The average residential gas-heating bill from November to March (based on monthly usage of 170 therms) is expected to be approximately $206 per month, down from $215 last year. The calculation assumes normal weather in both years. # Energy Efficiency Programs New Yorkers can increase their savings by signing up for Con Edison’s energy efficiency [programs] ( or call 1-877-870-6118.

Con Edison’s Level Payment [Plan] ( helps customers even out energy bills throughout the year, giving them more control and protection from seasonal cost peaks. [HEAP] ( (Home Energy Assistant Program) grants are also available for qualified New York State residents. [EnergyShare] ( funds are available for qualified Con Edison customers. ## Energy-Saving Tips For helpful energy-savings tips, customers can check Con Edison’s [website] ( Here are five easy ways to save energy:

1. Use caulk or weather stripping to seal air leaks from window frames, baseboards, electrical outlets, switch plates, air conditioners, and other openings, such as pipes and wiring coming through ceilings, floors, and walls.
2. Keep warm-air vents clean.
3. Keep drapes or furniture away from radiators and baseboard heaters so heat can flow freely.
4. Close doors and warm-air vents in unused rooms, but in extreme cold be aware of water pipes that could freeze and burst.
5. Remove window air conditioners. If you can’t, enclose them with a cover. #

Safety Tips Con Edison wants customers to be safe during the winter and offers these tips:

1. Do not heat rooms with your oven or range. These appliances aren’t designed for heating. Using a range or oven can cause a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.
2. Be sure heating and cooking appliances are properly adjusted. Never operate a portable generator indoors.
3. Never extinguish a pilot light. Blowing out the pilot doesn’t stop gas from escaping and can create a dangerous condition.
4. If you smell gas, leave immediately and take others with you. Do not light a match or smoke, turn appliances or lights (including flashlights) on or off, use a phone or start a car. Doing so can produce sparks that might cause the gas to explode.
5. If you smell gas call 911 or 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633). You can report leaks anonymously.

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Con Edison cuenta con suministro de gas natural adecuado para 1,1 millón de clientes en Manhattan, el Bronx, el condado de Westchester y parte de Queens. Aproximadamente 297 000 clientes utilizan gas para calefaccionar sus hogares

Con Edison es una filial de Consolidated Edison, Inc. [NYSE: ED], una de las compañías de suministro de energía propiedad de los inversores más grande de la nación, con aproximadamente $13 000 millones de ingresos anuales y $45 000 millones de activos. La empresa proporciona servicio eléctrico, de gas y vapor a más de tres millones de clientes en la ciudad de Nueva York y el condado de Westchester, N.Y.