La reacción rápida de un empleado de Con Edison logró la captura de un potencial criminal

Vio algo e hizo algo. El administrador de seguridad corporativa de Con Edison, James Russo, frustró un potencial robo mientras se encontraba realizando tareas de trabajo en Dyker Heights, Brooklyn el jueves pasado.

“I called 911when I noticed a dishelved man suspiciously rambling in and out of closed residential driveways,” said Russo, a former 21-year law enforcement officer.

His fast actions netted the arrest by New York City Police Department officers from the 68th Precinct of a Manhattan man who was later charged with criminal trespass. The NYPD Information Office confirmed that the 27-year old man was no stranger to trouble, with 19 prior arrests that included robbery and assault.

Russo was on surveillance duty guarding a Con Edison work site. His law enforcement “sixth sense” kicked in when he noticed the suspect from an unmarked car attempting to enter a Con Edison work vehicle.

“I not only work in this community, but I live here too,” said Russo. “It was clear to me that something was not right with this situation, so I called the police.”

Con Edison field employees are trained to contact law enforcement agencies if they perceive danger to themselves or to members of the public.

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