The Neighborhood Program

For Residents and Business Owners in Select Brooklyn and Queens Neighborhoods

Save money and energy with our Neighborhood Program. You’ll get free energy-efficiency upgrades that will help you see real savings on your electric bill.

Free LED Light Bulbs Distributed in All Eligible Neighborhoods

Look out for our contractors as they go door-to-door in your neighborhood to install complimentary LED light bulbs in your home.

Residential Customers (1-4 units)

You get a Neighborhood Program $75 bonus in addition to the rebates offered for bringing your own thermostat.

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Small Business Customers

By being part of the Neighborhood Program, when you sign up for a free Small Business Survey, you also get: 

  • FREE lighting upgrades
  • FREE refrigeration night case covers  

Then, you can choose to take advantage of the regular rewards, including having high-quality, energy-saving lighting or refrigeration equipment installed by a program-approved contractor, and Con Edison pays up to 70 percent.

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Multifamily Apartment Buildings

If you manage a building with five+ units, or are on the co-op or condo board of your building in the Neighborhood Program area, you can get:

  • A FREE common area LED lighting upgrade 
  • Upgrades and installations for high-efficiency boilers, pipe insulation, roof insulation, and energy management systems

Tenants can get FREE:

  • LED lighting
  • Energy-efficient showerheads
  • Energy-efficient faucet aerators
  • Then, you can choose to save on other measures available for common areas of multifamily buildings. 
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Commercial and Industrial

Commercial and industrial facilities can get:

  • Incentives for lighting and refrigeration upgrades (+$800/kW) 
  • Smart usage rewards
  • Incentives for thermal energy storage (80 percent covered)
  • Incentives for combined heat and power systems (up to $1,800/kW)

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Contractors and Business Partners

Con Edison is seeking third-party energy solution partners to help us to reduce customers’ electric bills while helping to defer building new, expensive additional electricity infrastructure.

  • In Brooklyn-Queens, our goal is to reduce 52 MW of nontraditional demand by summer 2018.
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