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Smart Usage Rewards for Reducing Gas Demand Frequently Asked Questions

Enroll directly through an approved aggregator. If you can enroll 50 therms or more, you can sign up directly through Con Edison by emailing us.
On average, you can expect approximately four events each season.

There four metering options:

  1. Smart Meters
  2. Customer-owned consumption recording device: Some customers have consumption recording devices such as BMS/EMS systems that are connected directly to the Con Edison gas meter. Data submitted from these systems to Con Edison will be accepted and the data is subject to measurement and verification checks.
  3. Volume correctors: Many large gas customers have volume correctors on their meter to correct for gas pressure and temperature. These meters have the ability to record hourly interval data that will be extracted annually by Con Edison employees.
  4. Smart Meter Interface Management Unit (IMU): Customers who don’t have options above but consume more the 4,000 therms per month can request an IMU to participate in the pilot. These devices have the ability to record hourly interval data that will be extracted monthly by Con Edison.

Please note: A maximum of 150 participants can enroll with a volume corrector or Smart Meter IMU. You must consume at least 4,000 therms to be eligible for these options.

If you have questions about your metering options, please email us.

There are no penalties, however, if you fail to perform during events, your reservation payments will be derated.

You can:

  • Lower the temperature of heating systems
  • Switch to electric and/or steam heating temporarily
  • Reduce process load
  • Adjust water heating temperature
  • Curtail your use of combined heat and power

All changes should take into consideration occupant safety and comply with local, state, and federal laws.