Smart Usage Rewards Payment Options

Both the 21 Hour and the 2 Hour or Less Notification Programs have a Reservation Payment option and a Voluntary Participation option. You can choose one option in either or both programs.


Reservation Payment Option

When you enroll in a Reservation Payment option, you’ll receive monthly payments based on the amount of energy you’ve pledged to reduce upon request, plus additional payments for actual energy reduced. You’ll receive payments regardless of whether Con Edison requests to reduce electrical usage.


Con Edison Demand Response Reservation Option Incentives
Program Hours of Notification before DR Event Monthly Reservation
Payment Rate
Performance Payment Rate During DR Events
2 Hour Notification Program (Distribution Load Relief Program, DLRP) 2 Hours Tier 1 Networks : $18 / kW / Month

Tier 2 Networks : $25 / kW / Month
$ 1 / kWh
21 Hour Notification Program (Commercial System Relief Program, CSRP) 21 Hours Staten Island and Westchester
$6 / kW / Month
Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens
$18 / kW / Month
$ 1 / kWh


If five or more events are called in a given network in each program, your Reservation Payment is increased by $5/kilowatt (kW) per month, starting with the month with the fifth event, through the end of September.

Reservation Payment Option 2017 Enrollment Deadlines

Program Hours of Notification before DR Event Application Deadline Program Start Date Program End Date
Distribution Load Relief Program (DLRP) 2 Hours April 3
May 1
May 1
June 1
September 30
Commercial System Relief Program (CSRP) 21 Hours April 3
May 1
May 1
June 1
September 30


Note: Smart usage rewards participants are required to have a communicating interval meter. The meter must communicate 30 days' worth of data on the relevant start date in order for you to participate. For example, if you want to start participating on May 1, you must have installed the meter on April 1 and be communicating data by May 1. If you don’t have an interval meter at the time of your application, the deadline to install the meter is June 1 and communications must be established by June 30 to start participating July 1.

 Voluntary Participation Option

If you enroll in the 2 Hour or 21 Hour Voluntary Participation option, you’ll only receive payments if you reduce energy at Con Edison’s request. You’ll receive $3 for each kWh reduced. If you’re in the Voluntary Participation option, you don’t need to participate in a test event. You can enroll in this option at any point during the summer.


  • If you’re enrolled in the Reservation Payment option, you’re required to participate in a one-hour test event per program every year.
  • You must maintain electric reduction for at least four hours during non-test events. Con Edison may issue requests to reduce usage between May 1 and September 30.
  • If you’re participating in the 21 Hour Notification Program, you must be able to respond to events Monday through Friday and during the call window of the network you are located in.
  • If you’re participating in the 2 Hour Notification Program, you must be able to respond to events from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. any day of the week.
  • Energy usage reduction during the test and all events is measured using the Con Edison's Customer Baseline Load procedure (PDF)
  • Aggregators must have systems and processes in place to:
    •  Respond to demand response events pursuant to notification through Con Edison’s prescribed notification system
    •  Ensure that enrolled customers respond to demand response events within demand response program specific time periods
    • Electronically submit enrollments to Con Edison using the enrollment system established and modified by Con Edison


The 21 Hour Notification Program has a limitation on local generation and exclusion of local generation other than renewable resources that are within a half-mile of certain electric generators. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation maps (PDF) show the geographical areas where local generation is prohibited from being used in the 21 Hour Notification Program.

Smart Usage Rewards for Reducing Demand FAQ