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Frequently Asked Questions

The program offers prescriptive incentives for a wide range of energy-efficient equipment including:

  • LED lamps, fixtures, and controls
  • HVAC tune-up, replacements, and controls
  • Refrigeration LEDs, fan motors and fan controls, compressor controls, door gaskets for drink coolers, night covers for open refrigeration displays, and free strip curtains for walk-in coolers.

Find savings for your business:

It’s good business: when you use less energy, there’s less strain on our grid. That keeps our system reliable, and we avoid investing billions in more infrastructure to meet growing demand. Even better, it helps us move towards reaching New York State’s clean energy goals.
All commercial Con Edison accounts in the five boroughs and Westchester with less than 300 kW of average peak demand. The program implementer, Willdan, or an approved contractor will determine eligibility before any work is performed.
You can schedule a free energy survey for an in-depth look at upgrades that will work best for your business. This assessment can be scheduled with Willdan, or any Con Edison approved contractor, and that party will install your upgrades. Con Edison’s contribution rebates are instant, meaning you pay only your portion. No waiting for a rebate check.

The primary benefit is that you will spend less on energy over time, freeing up capital for expansion and improvement of your business. Other benefits include:

  • Improved light levels:
    • Increased safety in warehouses, auto-mechanics, and machine shops.
    • Increased productivity of office staff.
  • Improved HVAC function:
    • With demand control ventilation (and other HVAC improvements available) your employees will see an improvement in air quality and comfort, which could increase productivity.
  • Improved refrigeration functionality:
    • Better light levels from LED replacements improve product visibility.
    • Better temperature controls for open refrigeration, reach-ins, and walk-in coolers.

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