Building Energy Performance Project


We're working to help you save energy in your workplace. Building Energy Performance is dedicated to helping reduce energy consumption in commercial office buildings. We empower property managers, building operators, and tenants to make simple changes to their daily routines that can add up to big energy consumption savings.

Building Energy Performance also provides energy data, tools, education, and recognition to building operators to help them increase their building’s energy efficiency, while improving their ENERGY STAR score through automated benchmarking.

Through the Building Energy Performance engagement manager and our online Building Energy Performance Headquarters, we help teams:

  • Benchmark: Access information about your building’s energy usage, load factors and historical trends—and understand what those numbers mean.
  • Plan: Receive ongoing support from your Building Energy Performance Engagement Manager to establish goals and prioritize opportunities through an Energy Action Plan.
  • Act: Initiate action challenges and friendly competitions to motivate individuals to become energy champions. Create opportunities for building engineers to focus attention on operational best practices and share their experience and insights with peers in the community.
  • Reward: Teams receive recognition in the community as their building advances through Levels of Achievement. Challenges, competitions, and other educational resources motivate teams for maximum energy savings.

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