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Frequently Asked Questions- Income Eligible Energy Efficiency Program

Income-eligible incentives are increased or enhanced incentives, compared to our traditional market rates, that an eligible electric or gas customer may qualify for once they install eligible energy saving equipment.
We offer income-eligible incentives through our multifamily program to customers who own or live in a building with five or more units. You can use our eligibility screener  to determine if you are an eligible customer by inputting your information.
Market rate incentives are the standard incentive rates available to all qualified multifamily customers.
If you are unsure which program you qualify for, first check our eligibility screener  if you have an account number or address. If you’re not eligible for these incentives, please view our other incentive programs to determine your eligibility.
Our eligibility screener is here to help you determine whether you could potentially qualify for enhanced or market rate incentives. The account number and address will help you determine if your property has the potential to receive increased incentives. If you do not qualify for enhanced incentives, don’t worry, you will still have opportunities to receive market rate incentives.
You may be required to submit additional documentation to confirm your eligibility. Some examples of additional documentation are rent rolls, regulatory agreements, tax credit award documents, qualifying mortgage insurance, or loan-closing documents.
Submit an interest form to be contacted by Willdan Energy Solutions or email
Income qualification is determined at the building level. Enter each building's account number or address to check eligibility for that building.

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