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About Smart ACs

Get the app, find answers to questions, and learn more about Wi-Fi-enabled air conditioners.


There’s no need to keep your air conditioner running all day. Use the app to turn it on when you’re heading home. Forgot to shut the air off on your way out the door? Turn it off using your phone. Or set the temperature to keep pets comfortable while you’re out.

Start Earning Cool Points

Get Cool Points just for setting up your smartAC kit, or enrolling your Wi-Fi air conditioner. Earn more every time you participate in a Cool Points Hours opportunity. The more you participate, the more Cool Points you earn.

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How Cool Points Work

Participate in Cool Points Hours held three to five times throughout the summer. During these hours, your air conditioner may automatically save energy by turning on and off more frequently or your thermostat may adjust to a comfortable, but slightly higher, temperature. You can opt out at any time.

You can redeem your Cool Points for a wide range of gift cards, or donate them to charity (1,000 points = $1).

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