How to Convert From Oil Heat to Natural Gas

1) Check your eligibility

Gas service is only available in Manhattan, the Bronx, and parts of Queens and Westchester. Fill out the form to see if your property is eligible. If you have a multifamily building with more than five units or a large commercial property, contact us to convert.

Check your eligibility

2) Estimate your costs

We recommend you ask a licensed professional to estimate your property's conversion costs before submitting a request. An estimate will help you figure out if converting to natural gas is a good option for you.

3) Submit your request through a licensed professional

When you’re ready to proceed, we recommend you have a licensed professional submit your gas service request in the Building & Remodeling Project Center.

Once your request is submitted, we’ll send an email with next steps.

Request a Gas Conversion

Call to Request

1-800-643-1289 (Press #1)

Multifamily buildings with more than five units or large commercial properties

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