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Bronx Area Growth Zones


Zone Boundaries and Acknowledgement Letters

View the boundaries, overview, timeline, and acknowledgment letters (PDFs) for each zone below.

Zone A3 (PDF)
North: West 254th Street
South: West 240/242nd Street
East: Henry Hudson Parkway
West: Hudson River

Zone E2 (PDF)
North: East 180th Street/Southern Boulevard/Bronx Zoo
South: Cross Bronx Expressway
East: Bronx River Parkway
West: Park Avenue

Zone L2 (PDF)
North: Bronx-Westchester County line
South: East 233rd Street
East: Dyer Avenue
West: Bronx River Parkway

Zone F2 (PDF)
North: East 167th Street
South: East 161st Street
East: Park Avenue
West: Grand Concourse


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