An active gas range in a kitchen, with a couple cooking in the background

FREE Gas Alarm

Keep your home safe

Selected customers are eligible for a FREE Carbon Monoxide and Natural Gas Alarm ($40 value), which protects your home from a gas leak.  The following tips will ensure safety.

Three Safety Tips:

Always leave gas alarm plugged in. This alarm uses both a battery and power from an electrical outlet. If left unplugged, the battery will die out in less than 24 hours. A chirping noise indicates that the alarm is unplugged, the battery is weak or the alarm must be replaced.

Install at least 20 feet from gas appliances or a gas meter. If that distance isn’t possible for a gas appliance, it can be as close as 5 feet away from the gas appliance though nuisance alarms due to cooking may occur.

Test the alarm after installing. Press the TEST/CO SILENCE button. A blue light will flash and the alarm will beep four times to indicate it is working. 

Replace this alarm after 7 years. 

To keep your home safe, simply plug into the wall and you’re all set!

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