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How to Charge Your Electric Car

Learn how to charge your car at home and on the road by getting directions to charging stations near you.
There are three types of outlets your electric vehicle may be able to use to charge its batteries.
The three types of electric vehicle chargers.

Level 1 — 120V

  • NEMA 5–15 outlet or hardwiring.
  • Approximately 6–22 hours to full charge
  • 110V for our service territory
  • For personal use

Level 2 — 208V-240V

  • NEMA 14–50 outlet or hardwired.
  • Approximately 2–8 hours to full charge
  • 208–240V for our service territory
  • For personal and commercial use. May require a service upgrade.

Level 3 — 480V
DC Fast Charging

  • Approximately 40 minutes to full charge
  • Commercial use

See where to find public charging stations near you.

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