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Fleet Owners and Operators

Whether you’re starting fresh or already managing a mixed-fuel fleet, we can help make the transition to electric easier and more affordable. Get incentives to offset the infrastructure and operational costs of electrifying your fleet and installing EV chargers.

Commercial fleet operators will play a big part in accelerating the transition to a clean future through electrification. Within 20 years, nearly 15 million EVs are expected to be part of corporate fleets in the United States.

Top reasons to consider electrifying your fleet:

  • Low-Maintenance Save money and time with fewer moving parts and state-of-the-art motors that require less maintenance than internal combustion engines. Even brake pads last longer in electric vehicles because they use regenerative braking to slow down, converting the energy used to reduce the car’s speed into power that can be stored in the battery.
  • Company Sustainability Goals Transportation accounts for 36% of New York State’s greenhouse gas emissions, and gasoline-fueled vehicles typically produce double the CO2 emissions compared to their electric counterparts. A green fleet can drastically shrink your business’s carbon footprint.

PowerReady Light-Duty EV Charging Infrastructure Incentives

We’re offering incentives that can offset electric infrastructure costs associated with installing level 2 and/or direct current (DC) fast chargers for light-duty vehicle fleets. Light-duty fleets include electric cars, small trucks, and vans under 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight.

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Medium- and Heavy-Duty Installation Incentives

For vans, trucks, and buses with a gross vehicle weight greater than 10,000 pounds, we offer incentives for DC fast charging fleet chargers that cover almost all of the utility-side costs associated with bringing power to the fleet property.

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Reduce the Cost of Fueling your Fleet with Electricity

Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Rewards

Earn up to $1,000 per year for charging your electric vehicle more efficiently and get data about your charging habits.
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DC Fast Charging Per-Plug Incentive

If you make your DC fast chargers publicly accessible, you may be eligible for additional annual incentives.
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DC Fast Charging Business Incentive Rate

If you make your DC fast chargers publicly accessible, you may qualify for reduced rates.
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Stackable New York Incentives

Save even more with these New York incentives that can be stacked with light-, medium-, and heavy-duty savings:

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Tools and Services

Fleet Assessment Services

We’re here to help guide you through grid upgrades on Con Edison’s side and to help you find the best rate for charging your fleet. We’re developing a fleet-assessment service to provide guidance on energy-company-side upgrades and projected charging costs for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty electric vehicle fleets.

To apply, please email us your completed fleet-assessment service application.

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