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Nevins Charging Hub

We’re bringing our vision for a cleaner, greener NYC to life in your backyard.

We’re developing a Con Edison property at 223 Nevins Street in Brooklyn for clean energy storage systems and electric vehicle charging stations.

Battery Energy Storage

At this site, third-party developers will own and operate energy storage systems that can provide about 5 MW / 15 MWh of energy capability. That’s enough to power more than 5,000 apartments for four hours during a summer peak.

These extra-large batteries store energy, including power from renewable sources, such as solar and wind. We can tap into that reliable power reserve when our customers need it most, such as during storms and heatwaves. Batteries are an essential part of our clean-energy future. They reduce strain on the energy grid, keep your service reliable, eliminate the need for new infrastructure, and enable more use of clean energy generated by the sun and air.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

We’re accelerating the move toward electric vehicle ownership by connecting thousands of new public and customer-owned charging stations.

At this site, we’re installing the infrastructure for 18 publicly available fast chargers as part of our PowerReady Program, which provides incentives that will offset the electric infrastructure costs associated with installing chargers for electric vehicles for developers.

By increasing the number of chargers on our streets, we’re making it easier for New Yorkers to own and drive a plug-in hybrid or electric car in our service area.

Turning the Parking Lot into Paradise

More trees will be growing in Brooklyn, starting right here. A new bioswale will help manage rainwater and add some nature to the site. Gowanus Canal Conservancy maintains green infrastructure in the Gowanus Watershed, a 1,700 acre area that contributes to 377 million gallons of combined sewer overflow into the Gowanus Canal per year. This project will add to the 10 bioswales built by the Gowanus Canal Conservancy that reduce overflow while providing much needed greenery.

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Project Partners

Groundswell NYC
Gowanus Canal Conservancy
Reel Works
Fifth Avenue Committee
Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation
Arts Gowanus
CHiPS Soup Kitchen and Shelter