Environmental, Health, and Safety Plan Courses

Con Edison's eHASP (Environmental, Health, and Safety Plan) course is designed to educate
contractors working with our company to meet or exceed established regulatory standards of
worker health, safety, and environmental concerns. It’s our policy to demonstrate leadership
and excellence in these areas, and we recognize and reward contractors who maintain the
same high standards.

Con Edison Course

The eHASP course is critical to the overall success of any given project. You’re required to
successfully complete the course before you begin work.

Each module must be taken in order, and all modules must be completed.

Each module consists of an information chapter with practice questions.

To show successful completion of each module, you’ll be asked to submit your name,
company name, and email address.

Once Con Edison has received all your completion notifications in order, you’ll be notified that
you’ve successfully completed the course.

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