Electric Vehicle Project Partners

Submit your proposal for a demonstration project that gets more of our customers into electric vehicles and creates benefits for our system.

We’re looking for partners to make it easier for New Yorkers to switch to electric vehicles. These projects should provide results in three years and show the potential to increase adoption of electric vehicles and maximize the benefits to our electric grid. For example, we’re looking for ways to encourage off-peak charging, and to add curbside chargers, controlling or shaping charger load, and building quick charge stations.

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Who Should Apply?

If you’re an electric vehicle supply equipment manufacturer, charging provider, provider of demand management technology, or fleet owner, this may be a good opportunity for you. We encourage partnerships. Complete projects with committed customers, locations, and technology will be at an advantage.

If you have a relevant service to offer (a fleet that’s interested in electrifying, a property you’d like to provide for charging, expertise you’d like to provide), please email us. No need to go it alone. We will post your name to an online list of firms interested in partnering.

Funding Details

We will invest up to $25 million to fund one or more electric vehicle demonstration. There is no minimum dollar amount for technology or demand management proposals; however, deployment projects that include publicly accessible hardware or fleet electrification should have a minimum $1 million budget. Demonstrations last for no more than three years.

Our Goals

We want to increase overall miles traveled by electric vehicles, create environmental and economic benefits for our customers, and get investors interested in helping us achieve this.

This translates into dollars per miles traveled by single or fleet electric vehicles, dollars per kilowatt-hour consumed by chargers, and peak kilowatts avoided with demand management.

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Questions? Email us by 5 p.m. on May 19. All responses will be collected and posted anonymously on this page. Con Edison employees will not be able to speak with, meet, or correspond with you after the deadline.

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