Smart Home Rate Demonstration Project Partners

Submit your proposal for a demonstration project that lets customers benefit from smart pricing and smart home technology.

We’re looking for partners to introduce price-responsive home automation technologies into our residential customers’ homes. Through our demonstration project, we’re exploring how participating customers can enhance their energy efficiency using technology systems that interact with sophisticated price signals from the utility and automate loads.

Two Demonstration Tracks 

We’re interested in finding partners that can acquire customers and implement turnkey solutions for either one of two demonstration tracks:

  1. Systems that actively manage homes’ central A/C and other loads (Track 1)
  2. Home storage systems paired with solar (Track 2)

There is a separate Request for Information for each track.

Got a Solution?

Respond to our forthcoming  Request for Information.
RFI responses are due August 18, 2017.

Who Should Apply?

If you’re demand management program implementation provider, a home energy storage systems provider, or a price-responsive home automation technology provider, this opportunity is applicable to you. We prefer to see integrated solutions for either demonstration track that provide all of the requested technology, customer recruitment, and program implementation capabilities, and encourage partnerships, although independent, discrete submissions are acceptable.

Learn More

Questions? Email us by 5:00 p.m. on July 21, 2017. All responses will be collected and posted anonymously on this page. Con Edison employees will not be able to speak with, meet, or correspond with you after the deadline.