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Con Edison to Conduct Dye Test with Repair of Brooklyn Substation Property Along East River

Con Edison engineers and contractors completing the cleanup and replacement of a substation transformer in Brooklyn will inject an environmentally safe, green-colored dye into the soil of the company property this week to help locate any breaches in the sub-surface barrier bordering the East River.

Recreational boaters or residents who observe any green streaks or sheens in the river during the dye testing on Thursday should not be concerned. The dye is the same as that used by public works agencies to trace water leaks, and will not harm fish or wildlife. The dye degrades and dissipates quickly.

For the safety of divers working near the substation, the U.S. Coast Guard has issued boating restrictions for vessel operators near the property located between the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges. On Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., the Coast Guard is enforcing a safety zone on the eastern/Brooklyn side of the East River between the Manhattan Bridge and Wallabout Bay. All mariners are advised to transit on the western/Manhattan side during this time due to the ongoing dive operations at the substation. On both Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Regulated Navigation Area (RNA) measures will be enforced from Manhattan Bridge to Wallabout Bay. Vessel movement within this RNA is subject to a ''Slow-No Wake'' speed limit. Vessels may not produce a wake nor attain speeds greater than five (5) knots unless a higher minimum speed is necessary to maintain bare steerageway.

Meanwhile, Con Edison crews this week completed the installation of a transformer to replace the unit that ruptured on May 7. Over the past several weeks, no major oil sheens have been observed in the river, and booms placed around the substation have worked to contain any further leakage.

Con Edison said members of the public who have questions about the cleanup may call the company at (212) 358-4562.

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