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Statement from Con Edison Re: NY Clean Energy Standard

New York State’s efforts, under the leadership of Governor Cuomo, to provide residents with a cleaner energy future are ambitious, visionary and the right direction for our customers.  There are additional costs associated with renewable energy, but the costs of not taking steps now to reduce emissions and protect the planet for future generations are even greater.

We look forward to working with state regulators and policy leaders to achieve 50 percent renewables and a 40 percent reduction in carbon emissions in the most cost-effective manner to our customers. We are pleased the Commission has rejected mandating that utility customers pay for costly power purchase agreements from private developers. We continue to believe that large-scale solar and wind farms can be operated by utilities at a much lower cost to customers, and will work with all parties on these and other alternatives. We will continue to engage in a constructive exchange of ideas with everyone involved in this effort.