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Saving Money on Energy is a ‘Cool’ Thing to do This Summer

Con Edison’s Green Team is paying customers to use less electricity to stay cool this summer.

"The company will pay $25 to residential customers who purchase a new ENERGY STAR® room air conditioner between now and Aug. 29. By replacing an older room air conditioner with a new, more energy-efficient unit, a customer can reduce electricity usage by about 15 percent.

Funding for the program is limited, so customers who are interested should take advantage now. For eligibility details, to download an application, or to apply online, go to:

“We urge our customers to buy their new energy-efficient air conditioners and to enroll in our summer energy programs as soon as they can,” said David MacRae, section manager of Residential Customer Solutions at Con Edison. “The sooner you participate, the sooner you can start saving money on energy.”

The company is once again offering smartAC kits to residential customers with room air conditioners. The kit includes a modlet plug and a smart thermostat that controls the modlet. A customer can use the kit to turn the room air conditioner on or off or adjust the temperature remotely from any smartphone or browser.

When demand for electricity is high, the customer’s window air conditioner will turn on and off at a slightly higher thermostat setting, but in a way that keeps the home sufficiently cool. Customers are notified a day in advance and can opt out. Customers can also override Con Edison’s adjustment.

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