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Con Edison Pumps Up Payments To Customers In Energy-Saving Demand Response Programs

Con Edison's Green Team has dramatically increased the incentives it pays to large customers who agree to conserve electricity when energy use is high, such as on blazing hot New York summer days.

Customers in the programs help Con Edison keep the power flowing at peak times and are a key part of the utility's strategy to continue providing industry-leading reliable electrical service.

"We encourage customers to join those already participating in our Demand Response programs and take advantage of the increased incentives," said Sim Zirkiyev, manager of Commercial Demand Response Programs at Con Edison. "They'll generate revenue and help us continue providing New Yorkers with the reliable service they need."

Con Edison is targeting the incentives toward owners and operators of commercial, industrial and multi-family buildings. The company's Demand Response programs already include 700 buildings.

To see a video on reducing energy at times of peak usage, click here:

The registration deadline for customers who want to begin participating and collecting payments for May is April 1. But customers can register through June 1 and begin participating and collecting payments in July. For more information on the programs or to enroll, go to www.conEd.com/dr, send an e-mail to dr@coned.com or call 1-877-870-6118.

Customers in the Distribution Load Relief Program can receive up to $15 per month for each kilowatt they pledge to reduce, depending on where their building is located. They receive these payments even if Con Edison never asks them to reduce their usage.

They can also receive $1 for each kilowatt hour they save during an event. Customers in this program receive notice to start reducing electrical usage two hours or less in advance.

Con Edison has also increased the incentives in its Commercial System Relief Program. Customers in that program receive 21 hours notice to start reducing electrical usage. They then receive a second notice two hours in advance.

These customers can get up to $15 per month for each kilowatt they pledge to reduce, depending on how often events are called. They receive these payments even if Con Edison never asks them to reduce usage. These customers receive an additional $1 for each kilowatt hour they save when they reduce usage at Con Edison's request.

Both programs have other flexible options. A new feature starting this year is that customers in both programs can receive additional lucrative incentive payments for participating for three straight years.

The Con Edison Green Team has an Energy Efficiency program for everyone. To find programs that are right for you, visit www.conEd.com/greenteam or call 1-877-870-6118.

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