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Do you know how the Privacy Act affects people with Medicare?

You will when you read the new winter issue of Medicare Cares, newsletter for Medicare beneficiaries. Medicare Cares is a valuable resource for Medicare beneficiaries – senior citizens and the disabled – but many will not see it without your assistance. The newsletter is filled with important updates on changes in the Medicare program as well as other useful information. Unfortunately, owing to federal budget constraints, Empire Medicare Services is not able to distribute a hard-copy version of the newsletter to the thousands of Medicare beneficiaries that we serve.

You can make a difference.
  • Read the attached newsletter.
  • Print it and post it on your bulletin boards.
  • Make copies available to people that you serve who are on Medicare.
  • Include information from it in your own newsletter.
  • Share this information with colleagues, family, and friends.
And if you know of someone else who should be receiving Medicare Cares via e-mail, please send us the e-mail address for future mailings.