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April Pension Check Will Reflect COLA Increase

If you began receiving pension benefits in December 2014 or earlier, you’ll find that the amount of your April 2015 pension check will go up. The increase is a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) that takes place every year if there is an increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This benefit, not found in most pension plans, helps protect your retirement income from inflation. Your pension plan provides an automatic COLA equal to 75 percent of the change in the CPI, with a maximum of 3 percent in any given year.

This year’s COLA increase is 0.60 percent. So, if your monthly pension has been $1,000, it will increase to $1,006 in April.

Increases Since 1987 Total 73.14%

Since going into effect in April 1987, the COLA has provided a cumulative increase in pension benefits of 73.14 percent. If you started receiving a pension in 1986, you have received the full benefit of this cumulative increase.

Amendment to The Consolidated Edison, Inc. Retiree Health Program

Eliminate Same-Sex Domestic Partner Benefits and Replace with Same-Sex Spousal Benefits

Based on the passage of the New York State Marriage Equality Act and consistent with the company’s commitment to support diversity, changes to the retiree health care plan are being made to provide couples in same-sex marriages with the same benefits extended to opposite-sex marriages.

At the present time, retiree same-sex domestic partners may enroll in the Retiree Health Program.  If the retiree pre-deceases his or her partner, the surviving partner can continue to receive health-care benefits, but pays the full cost of coverage.  Effective January 1, 2012, the Retiree Health Program has been amended to eliminate same-sex domestic partner benefits and replaced with same-sex spousal benefits.  This means that the same-sex surviving spouse of a retiree will pay the same premium cost as a surviving spouse of opposite-sex marriages.

A transition period will allow those retirees with enrolled same-sex domestic partners to continue their same-sex domestic partner coverage until they are married or December 31, 2012, whichever date is earlier.  If the company does not receive a marriage certificate by December 31, 2012, your same-sex domestic partner will no longer be eligible for coverage under the Retiree Health Program.

Please note that you must provide a marriage certificate issued by a state recognizing same-sex marriages to qualify for same-sex spousal benefits.  The marriage certificate will apply, regardless of your state of residence. 

Date:  February 2012

CVS Caremark

Caremark will be expanding its services to offer diabetic supplies at CVS pharmacies subject to the same plan limitations as under the mail-service program. 

Retirees can fill maintenance medications for themselves and their dependents at a local CVS pharmacy or through the Caremark Mail-Order Service program.

A maintenance medication is a drug that will be taken for three months or more. Caremark members will be able to fill an 84- to  90 -day supply of maintenance medication at CVS pharmacies for the same co-payment as the  90-day Caremark Mail Service prescription benefit. 

Expansion to Caremark Prescription Mail-Order Service

Caremark prescription-drug coverage has expanded its mail-order service. Caremark now offers the choice of filling maintenance medications for you and your dependents at a local CVS pharmacy or through the Caremark Mail-Order Service program.

A maintenance medication is a drug you will be taking for three months or more. You will be able to fill up to a  90 -day supply of maintenance medications at a CVS pharmacy for the same co-payment as your  90 -day Caremark Mail Service prescription benefit.

Due to some state restrictions on the dispensing of controlled substances at a retail pharmacy, all supplies of controlled substances larger than the state restriction limit (usually a 30-day supply) must continue to be obtained from the Caremark Mail Order Service program. In addition, for prescriptions requiring a medical diagnosis, such as oral contraceptives or Retin A acne medication, you will be asked to provide the medical diagnosis to the pharmacist before the prescription can be filled.

You should have received a CVS Caremark ExtraCare Health Card in the mail recently, which you can use to receive up to 20 percent discounts on select CVS-brand items sold at any CVS store. If you have not received this card, please call 1-888-543-5938.  

Club Information and Upcoming Events

For all upcoming events always check out the Retiree Clubs page.

Other News

Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club is offering an exclusive Corporate Membership promotion.

The Membership fee to join BJ’s is normally $50.00 + Tax for twelve (12) months.

Through our Corporate Membership Program, Con Edison employees will receive:

  1. $10 off our $50.00 Membership fee = $40.00 ($43.55)
  2. $20 off our $100 rewards= $87.10
  3. THREE EXTRA Months of Membership =(15 months total)
  4. FREE second card for another Household Member -In addition, employees can renew their memberships each year at the same low corporate rate.

Click here to download the BJ’s membership application.

Make check out to BJ's Wholesale Club - for $43.55 or, for Rewards Membership, $87.10 (2% payback for each dollar spent at BJ's) -- or pay by credit card: fill in card number and expiration date on bottom of form.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Judy Leong (info below).

All applications should be mailed to:
Judy Leong
Corporate Sales Representative
BJ’s Wholesale Club 143
66-26 Metropolitan Ave
Middle Village, NY 11379

Hours 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Super New York Sports Club Discounts for Retirees

Thinking about enrolling in a gym? Here’s an offer that’s sure to get you moving!

The New York Sports Club (NYSC) is discounting new memberships for Con Edison employees and their families at all 160 club locations - it’s a great opportunity to improve your health at prices that are truly easy to afford.

Membership for employees is slashed to just $72 per month. All employees,retirees, employee spouses, domestic partners, and children over 14 years of age are eligible to enroll at $72 per membership. There is a $59 joining fee for each new membership.

 NOTE: This discount offer is not available on-site at NYSC locations.

To qualify for this offer, employees must enroll online at or speak with a fitness advisor by dialing (917) 351-6680 x1014.

Retirees, and employees wishing to enroll their spouses, domestic partners, and children over 14, should call (800) 611-9833.

Find out more about Direct Payment - It’s Convenient, Time-Saving, and Good for Con Edison

Edison Retirees E-mail Connection

Keep in touch with your fellow retirees and revive long time friendships by joining the Retirees E-mail Connection. 

It’s free to join; there are no membership dues or initiation fees.  You can join by e-mailing Rich Zoeller at  Please state in the subject area of the e-mail “Retiree E-mail Connection” and include in the body of the e-mail: your name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, and the department you worked at Con Edison.

The Connection will send you directories via e-mail semi annually which include the names of retirees who have joined the Connection, along with their e-mail address and city of residence.  More than 1,000 Con Edison retirees have joined the Connection to date.  In addition, by joining, you will receive items of interest which may appeal to you, such as club activities and available discounts.  The Connection will also regretfully notify members of any sad news, such as the passing of a former coworker/friend. 

Check out these newsletters and brochures for up-to-date health, safety, and other information.

Reaching for Tomorrow
Falls and Fall Prevention
Medications and the Older Adult

Cool Technology for Your Home
Con Edison is offering technology that allows you to control your central air-conditioning manually while at home or via the Internet when you’re on the go. With this technology, you’ll be able to better manage your energy usage and get the most from your energy dollars. You’ll also be helping Con Edison to provide reliable power and continued comfort for your home as well as for your neighbors. If you have central air-conditioning and want to receive a free programmable digital thermostat. or if you want to learn more about this offer, visit, or call 1 (866) 521-8600.

Rubin Museum of Art (RMA) Reaches out to Senior Citizens with the Launch of Monthly Free Mondays
Rubin Museum of Art (RMA) is pleased to announce a special initiative to welcome older adults to participate in free admission, guided visits to the galleries, film screenings, and a 10% discount on selected items at the Shop and Café on the first Monday of each month.  Free Seniors Day launched Monday, January 7, 2008.  Reaching out to seniors and involving them in the museum is a priority for RMA co-founders, Shelley and Donald Rubin.  As Donald Rubin, 73, states, “I am an active senior myself, and with age should come privileges. RMA offers a rich experience which we would like to see more people, who have free time during the day, enjoy.”