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Retiree Dental Program

In an effort to provide Consolidated Edison retirees and their dependents access to dental benefits, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) is offering a retiree dental program. If you recently retired or you and your spouse have continuously been covered under another employer group dental program since your retirement date, you can enroll by calling MetLife at 1-800-634-0336 or visit their web site at

Retirees can use the MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) consisting of a national network of more than 45,000 general and specialty participating dentists. Participating dentists in the network have agreed to reduce their fees for services provided to participants. The fee reduction typically ranges between 10-30%.

The program pays a maximum of $1,000 per person each year for covered dental services. There is no coverage for orthodontia services. There are no annual deductibles and the program covers the following expenses:
  • 90% of preventive and diagnostic services (routine exams, X-rays and cleanings)
  • 50% of oral surgery, non surgical periodontia, simple extractions and restorative services (fillings, root canal therapy and treatment of gum disease)
  • 30% of endodontia, surgical periodontia, surgical extractions, bridges and dentures
The program is entirely voluntary. All costs will be paid by retirees through MetLife’s monthly premium charges. If you decide to enroll, premium payments will be deducted from your monthly pension check.

Dental Program Details

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