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Retiree Benefits 2018

Preventive Care

NEW - Effective April 1, 2017, preventive medical services will be added to the Cigna health care choice under the Retiree Health Program for covered retirees and/or spouses whether or not you are on Medicare. This will provide you with the same preventive care services as when you were an active employee, including yearly comprehensive wellness exam at your in-network doctor or at an Affiliated Physicians location.

Learn about what’s covered under preventive care.

Caremark Prescription Service

Caremark will be expanding its services to offer diabetic supplies at CVS pharmacies subject to the same plan limitations as under the mail-service program

Retirees can fill maintenance medications for themselves and their dependents at a local CVS pharmacy or through the Caremark Mail-Order Service program.

A maintenance medication is a drug that will be taken for three months or more. Caremark members will be able to fill an 84- to 90 -day supply of maintenance medication at CVS pharmacies for the same co-payment as the 90-day Caremark Mail Service prescription benefit.

Expansion to Caremark Prescription Mail-Order Service

Caremark prescription-drug coverage has expanded its mail-order service. Caremark now offers the choice of filling maintenance medications for you and your dependents at a local CVS pharmacy or through the Caremark Mail-Order Service program.

A maintenance medication is a drug you will be taking for three months or more. You will be able to fill up to a 90 -day supply of maintenance medications at a CVS pharmacy for the same co-payment as your 90 -day Caremark Mail Service prescription benefit.

Due to some state restrictions on the dispensing of controlled substances at a retail pharmacy, all supplies of controlled substances larger than the state restriction limit (usually a 30-day supply) must continue to be obtained from the Caremark Mail Order Service program. In addition, for prescriptions requiring a medical diagnosis, such as oral contraceptives or Retin A acne medication, you will be asked to provide the medical diagnosis to the pharmacist before the prescription can be filled.

You should have received a CVS Caremark ExtraCare Health Card in the mail recently, which you can use to receive up to 20 percent discounts on select CVS-brand items sold at any CVS store. If you have not received this card, please call 1-888-543-5938.

April Pension Check Will Reflect COLA Increase

If you began receiving pension benefits in December 2016 or earlier, you’ll find that the amount of your April 2017 pension check will go up. The increase is a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) that takes place every year if there is an increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This benefit, not found in most pension plans, helps protect your retirement income from inflation. Your pension plan provides an automatic COLA equal to 75 percent of the change in the CPI, with a maximum of 3 percent in any given year.

This year’s COLA increase is 1.60 percent.

So, if your monthly pension has been $1,000, it will increase to $1,016 in April.

Increases Since 1987 Total 76.79%

Since going into effect in April 1987, the COLA has provided a cumulative increase in pension benefits of 76.79 percent. If you started receiving a pension in 1986, you have received the full benefit of this cumulative increase.

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