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To promote a competitive energy market in New York State, Con Edison encourages its customers to compare prices and shop for energy. Your energy bill consists of supply and delivery charges. Our full-service electricity and gas customers buy both supply and delivery service from Con Edison. Retail access customers pay for delivery service from Con Edison and for supply from an Energy Service Company (ESCO) who competes to provide you energy supply.

Energy Service Companies

Con Edison and ESCOs shop for energy in the marketplace, and those prices vary from day-to-day and month-to-month. Through Con Edison's PowerYourWay program, electricity and gas customers can find a list of NYPSC-registered ESCOs. Some suppliers offer special incentives and online sign up.

If you sign up with an ESCO for your energy supply, Con Edison will continue to deliver electricity and gas to your home or business, safely and reliably, at delivery rates specified in our tariff. We will always respond to our customers' service emergencies.

For information on competitive energy markets in New York State, contact the PSC by calling 1-888-ASK PSC1 (1-888-275-7721). You may also call our PowerYourWay Information Line at 1-800-780-2884.

Con Edison's Electricity Supply Services

All Con Edison customers purchase delivery service from Con Edison. However, customers have the choice to purchase electricity supply from Con Edison or from others.  If you buy electricity from Con Edison, the total supply charges on your bill are made up of Supply (described below), the Merchant Function Charge, the Clean Energy Standard Supply Surcharge, and Gross Receipts Taxes and other surcharges

Electricity Supply:

If you are billed under a residential or small non-residential service classification, (“SC” or “EL” 1, 2, 6, or 12 energy only), Supply, which is determined per kilowatthour (“kWh”), is composed of the Market Supply Charge (MSC) and MSC adjustments.

If you are billed under a demand-billed service classification (EL 5, EL 8, EL 9, EL 12 demand, or EL 13), Supply is divided into Energy Supply, which is determined per kWh, and Demand Supply, which is determined per kilowatt (“kW”). The charge for Energy Supply is composed of the MSC and MSC adjustments. The per-kW charge for Demand Supply is the estimated cost of capacity, as shown on the Statement of MSC - Capacity.  

Market Supply Charge Calculator
The MSC rate per kWh provided by the Market Supply Charge Calculator includes the total cost of energy based on NYISO day-ahead market prices (which are load-weighted by the rate class's hourly load shape and adjusted for losses), and Ancillary Services Charges, New York Power Authority (NYPA)Transmission Adjustment Charges ("NTAC") and Transco Facilities Charges ("TfC"), inclusive of an adjustment for losses. The MSC rate per kWh provided by the calculator also includes the cost of capacity for customers billed in non-demand service classifications EL 1, EL 2, EL 6 and EL 12 energy only.

The rate provided by the calculator excludes MSC Adjustments. It also excludes the charge for Demand Supply for customers billed under EL 5, 8, 9, EL 12 demand, and EL 13.

Customers billed under Rider M
If you are billed under Rider M – Day-ahead Hourly Pricing, the Calculator cannot provide your MSC per kWh, because you pay for supply based on your actual hourly usage.  Although your usage patterns may differ from other customers, you can use the calculator to roughly estimate your MSC per kWh.  If you are billed under Rate II of EL 5, EL 8, EL 9, or EL 12, use the rate for “Rider M Exempt” customers.  When calculating the charge for Energy Supply, do not include MSC adjustments, since these are not paid by Rider M customers.

Customers billed under Standby Rates
Customers billed under Rate III of SC 5 or Rate IV of SC 8, 9, or 12 are subject to the same supply and supply-related charges and adjustments applicable to Customers taking service under Rate I of SC 5, 8, 9, or 12 as applicable. Customers billed under Rate IV of SC 5, Rate V of SC 8, 9, or 12, or Rate II of SC 13 are subject to the same supply and supply-related charges and adjustments as Customers subject to Rate II of SC 5, 8, 9, or 12 or Rate I of SC 13 as applicable.

NYISO Day-Ahead Prices
The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) administers the state's wholesale electricity markets. Each day the NYISO publishes next-day pricing information by hour by zone. Click here to obtain this information based on the zone and date selected. The hourly pricing reflects the wholesale rate per kWh.