Con Edison: Rates and Tariffs - Schedule for Electricity Service, P.S.C. No. 9 - Electricity: adjustments - MSC and MAC
Historical Electricity Rate Schedules

Schedule for Electricity Service, P.S.C. No. 9 - Electricity

Statements/adjustments in effect under PSC No. 9 - Electricity

Summary of Adjustments - MSC and MAC

Statement of Percentage Increase in Rates and Charges

Statement of System Benefits Charge

Statement of Charge for Renewable Portfolio Standard Program

Summary of Ancillary Services Charges/NTAC

Statement of Merchant Function Charge

Statement of Revenue Decoupling Mechanism Adjustment

Statement of Surcharge to Collect PSL Section 18-a Assessments

Statement of MSC-CAP

Statement of MAC

Statement of Average Cost per Trench Foot of Installed Underground Facilities

Statement of Installed Capacity Payment Rates

Statement of Rental Rates Applicable to Telecommunications Companies

Statement of Rate Adjustment Clause

Statement of Delivery Revenue Surcharge

Statement of MSC and MAC

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