Con Edison: Rates and Tariffs - Schedule for Electricity Service, P.S.C. No. 10 - Electricity: Historical SC Rates
Schedule for Electricity Service, P.S.C. No. 10 - Electricity

Historical SC Rates

Summary Effective Date
Historical Rates January 1, 2021
Historical Rates February 1, 2020
Historical Rates January 1, 2019
Historical Rates January 1, 2018
Historical Rates February 1, 2017
Historical Rates January 1, 2015
Historical Rates March 1, 2014
Historical Rates April 1, 2013
Historical Rates April 1, 2012
Historical Rates February 20, 2012

Other Historical Rates

Statement of Charge for Renewable Portfolio Standard Program

Statement of Temporary Rate Adjustment

Statement of Surcharge to Collect PSL Section 18-a Assessments

Statement of Purchase of Receivables Discount Percentage

Statement of Tax Sur-Credit

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