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section i - definitions

  1. The term "Company" means Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

  2. The term "Customer" includes both a present consumer of and an applicant for the Company's steam service.

  3. The terms "service" or "steam service" means the supply of steam provided by the Company.

  4. The term "service line" means the pipes and equipment for delivering steam from the Company's distribution system to the piping system of the Customer's building or premises.

  5. The term "point of service termination" means the point at which the Company terminates its service line and the Customer begins his/her piping.

  6. The term "meter" means the steam metering device used by the Company to measure the service supplied to the Customer, including any equipment furnished by the Company as part of such metering device.

  7. The term "authorities" includes the Public Service Commission of the State of New York, the municipal authorities and any other agencies legally authorized to regulate or inspect the Customer's installation or equipment.

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