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section iv - customer's piping and equipment

The Company will furnish, for the information of the Customer's contractor, reference drawings and general specifications of the work to be done by the Customer on service connections and service line installed within the Customer's property. The Customer should obtain this information as one of the first steps in planning installation. The Company's engineering representatives are available to provide supplementary information when required.

For all new installations, renovations or modifications, all high pressure steam piping shall be designed by a licensed Professional Engineer. The responsible engineer must file plans and obtain approval from the New York City Department of Buildings prior to a service turn-on by the Company (high pressure steam is defined as more than 15 psig).

Prior to construction, the engineer and mechanical contractor shall provide drawings to the company for approval of the high pressure steam system from the point of entry up to and including the steam meter station, including methods of condensate disposal from traps installed before the steam meter station.

Pressure reducing valves and steam piping shall be installed in accordance with A.S.M.E. B31.1 Power Piping Code (latest revision).

Customer Property
The Customer shall provide suitable space, acceptable to the Company, for the proper installation, inspection, protection and maintenance of the Company's meters and service equipment, which space shall be as near the point of service termination as practicable. The Customer shall furnish, install and maintain all facilities required for his/her utilization of service including service stop valves, meter stop valves, primary and secondary service pressure reducing valves, meter supports, and all piping between the point of service termination and the Customer's utilization equipment. Where such facilities are associated with the delivery and measurement of service, they shall be installed and maintained in a manner specified by the Company. Where electrical service is required for the operation of the Company's meters or meter regulating valves, the Customer shall furnish and install all wiring and equipment necessary to provide such service (except meters, relays, and meter regulating valves), but the Company will make the final connection of such wiring to its electric service. Where telephone service is required for remote communications, the Customer shall furnish and install all necessary telephone cable, but the Company will furnish and maintain the communications service.

All facilities installed by the Customer from the point of service termination up to and including the meter outlet stop valves shall be subject to the Company's final approval, and the Customer shall adapt his/her equipment and otherwise provide for the proper utilization of the Company's service. Before steam is turned on, the Customer shall provide documentation to the Company, signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer, that the Customer-installed facilities conform to New York City Department of Buildings code requirements and that the special inspection required by the New York City Department of Buildings has been performed.

The Customer shall furnish, install and maintain suitable equipment for cooling of condensate to a temperature not exceeding 150 degrees F, and suitable pipe connections for the discharge of all condensate to the sewer and shall comply with the rules and regulations of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

Where a valve is provided in the service line by the Company between the curb line and property line, it is the duty of the Customer to keep the valve box cover clear and accessible at all times to facilitate operation of the valve in an emergency. All isolation valves installed in the steam piping system within the building ahead of and directly after the steam meters shall be operated only by the Company. Only in case of extreme emergency may such valves be closed by the Customer. On such emergency closing, the Company shall be notified immediately. Only the Company shall reopen a valve closed in an emergency.

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