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section iii - company's service lines, meters, and service equipment

Application for service may be made by an owner or occupant to whose building or premises the Company's steam service is available, or can reasonably be made available. Following such application, the Company will request for the Customer's signature on the Agreement for Service; and will thereafter initiate the preparation of complete engineering details of the installation of the service line and service connections. Acceptance of the Agreement for Service will be subject to the Customer's compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, terms and conditions of the Company's Schedule for Steam Service.

Service Lines
Within a reasonable time after acceptance by the Company of the Agreement for Service, the Company will install a service line to a point at the property line or suitable subsidewalk space, determined by the Company to be convenient and practicable. Where a basement wall or vault wall is located at such point, the Company will extend its service line through a sleeve provided and installed by the Customer in such wall to a point immediately inside the wall. The point to which the Company so extends its service line shall constitute the point of service termination.

Steam service will be supplied to the Customer's premises through a single service line, except where for reasons of Company economy, conditions on the Company's distribution system, improvement of service conditions, or volume of the Customer's requirements, the Company elects to install more than one service line.

The Company reserves the right to determine the location of any service line, and to avoid misunderstanding, the Customer, before starting work, shall consult the Company as to the exact location of the point of service termination.

The Company will determine the type, size, make and number of meters best suited to the service requirements. The Company will furnish and maintain such meters, including meter regulating valves, when required, but they shall be installed by the Customer at a location and in a manner specified by the Company.

Service Equipment
The Company will furnish and maintain, when required in accordance with the Company's specifications, the following service equipment on the service side of the meter:
  1. Service traps
  2. Sediment strainers
  3. Steam separators
  4. Steam pressure regulators
The Customer shall install all service equipment in a manner specified by the Company.

Company Property
The service line, meters and service equipment furnished by the Company, as specified herein, shall remain the property of the Company and will be maintained by the Company.

The Customer shall be responsible for the safekeeping of the Company's property on his/her premises. No person, except a duly authorized employee of the Company, shall be permitted to break or replace a Company seal or lock, or to alter or interfere with the operation of a meter or its connections, a steam meter regulating valve, steam pressure regulator, or any other item of service equipment furnished by the Company.

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